Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Head Explodes

Me: It's really time to start weeding out songs the little one's ears shouldn't hear. 

iTunes: But you like all that I have to offer. I'm sure of it. You wouldn't want him missing out on great music.

Me: But I don't even remember half of what you have. I just keep moving you from computer to computer. This is the fifth computer to which I've moved you.

iTunes: But even the music I have you don't listen to every day is great for the memories. C'mon, music is great! What about  your old softball team's unofficial theme song?

Me: Fair enough, I won't delete your music, I'll just make a "Safe for Kids' Ears" playlist

iTunes: Thanks man.

Me: No problem.

The Interwebs (interrupting like a drunken neighbor): Hey, HEY! I've got musics. I like musics. Let me in on this, here's a cover of it from a band you listened to at the same time

Me: Softball, late nights, college, overwhelming nostalgia convergence [head explodes]

Thursday, November 24, 2011

Stop the Internet Blacklist Bill

Help stop this ridiculousness.

Info to know:
SOPA = House Version
ProtectIP = Senate Version

Watch this video:

Check out this infographic:

Sign up to do something about it:

Friday, September 30, 2011

Why so Contentious?

In May I walked across the stage, took the pictures and received the congratulations on graduating from Seminary. But I knew I wasn't finished. No diploma resided in the handsomely apportioned case handed me as I confidently strode across that stage. No, inside was a single sheet of paper that read, "Return this case. You will receive one with your diploma when you finish your graduation requirements." This sentiment was underscored when my theology professor whispered, "now remember, you're walking by faith." as I shook his hand before leaving the stage.

What was left for me to do? Well, I still needed to pass my seminary orals.As part of that process, I've been working in fits and bursts on a 2 final papers for my Seminary degree. The first on Pre-Tribulation Rapture and the second on God's sovereignty (you know, the whole Calvinism/Arminism thing).

Both of these topics have knowledgeable and thoughtful scholars who disagree on how to interpret scripture. The tenor of the disagreements are quite different from each other. In the timing of the rapture debate, people are civil and their critiques have an attitude of "Well, I probably can't get the other guy (or gal) to change his (or her) position, but I sure can have fun with it by poking a little fun at them."

On the other hand the sovereignty debate is vicious. Both sides are playing for keeps. throwing down gauntlets as requests for proof and then refusing to accept what proof is offered. (And please note, I did say BOTH sides.) It's hard to even consider entering into a debate where arguers are routinely accused of ignorance and stupidity in interpretation and intentionally misleading Christians in this "most important of all doctrinal issues." (As if they would just read the right book or article and go, "Oh my! I've had it all wrong. Now I get it!")

I find this particularly frustrating in that I hold to parts of both traditions, but adhere to neither in its entirety. So, my question is this: Why is this issue such a contentious one? Why would people say that Arminians and Calvinists shouldn't even work together (as one friend of mine was advised)? I haven't come across this advice over End Times theology or many other theological issues. Why is this the common response for this one?

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Summit 2010 - Session 6 - Dr. Zhao Xiao

.:Beyond Economy: China's Transformation with the Cross
Four Stages or Platforms that Countries can have Influence
1 - Economics Stage - China was everywhere
2 - Political Stage - China is on U.N. Security Council
3 - Sports Stage - China hosted Olympics
4 - Faith Stage - Rarely see Chinese influence

Leadership is not just about influence. It also must be about thgoing the right direction

We must recognize, accept change.

What is the significant change between now and 500 years from now?
The most significant thing in the 20th century is not the two world wars or the rise and collapse of the soviet union. It is the rise of china because it will influence generations centuries into the future.

Summit 2010 - Session 5 with Adam Hamilton

.:When Leaders Fail
This is not an inspirational talk. But I think that for some of you, this may be the most important talk and could save your ministry or your church.

A study that was done in 2005-2006 of 1050 pastors had 30% admit to some sort of sexual impropriety during their ministry life.

Though there is not a one size fits all approach, our story might help.

I want to talk about three things
  1. Share about how my church handled a situation in this area
  2. Why Church leaders have a hard time in this area
  3. Five "Rs" for resisting temptation in your own life

Summit 2010 - Session 4 - Craig Groeschel interviews Tony Dungy

.:The Mentor Leader
"Stubbornness is a virtue - if you're right."
Being a pastor is similar to being a coach:
  • What do you do the rest of the week?
  • People watching can call better plays from home (or the pew)
  • You can work yourself into the ground.
Known for encouraging a life of balance
  • We are going to win, but you can't make football your life.
  • You can be passionate about it, but you need to have other interests.